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It's Finally Happening!

Thanks so much for checking out our brand new blog, Stories From Sweetwater. Here we will share the exciting times of building and opening The Lodge at Sweetwater Studios.

From time to time I'll give you a sneak peek behind the scenes of what our experience has been finally opening the business of my dreams.

We look forward to sharing valuable information regarding art, yoga, nature, and wellness. We'd even love to have some of YOU share your expertise from time to time. Maybe some of you are already yoga practitioners, artists, or teachers of any kind. Have you filled out our teacher survey? We're working hard to build YOUR ideal space, and can't wait to incorporate aspects of this survey into our business.

My dream on the surface has always been to open a small eco-hotel, and while that is certainly happening, the real dream is a place where we can all come together and share our passions and knowledge with each other.

What would you share with the world if given the chance? What would you seek out to learn if everything was available to you? Hopefully The Lodge at Sweetwater Studios can give you the chance to teach and learn the subjects you've always chased.

Let this blog be a place of comfort to explore topics of interest, and let The Lodge at Sweetwater Studios be a safe place for wellness, discovery, and communal creative exploration.

We can't wait to welcome you all in person soon!

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